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Non-Art History Major MA Programs


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Hello! I am a non-art history major interested in pursuing an MA in Art History and then possibly continuing with a PhD. I am interested in working in the curatorial department of a museum, and I am currently employed at a museum during my gap year. However, I did not major in Art History. I was a History major at an Ivy League school and only took 3 classes in Art History. I am looking at programs in Europe because they seem to be more lenient than the US programs in terms of background in the field. Are there any specific programs I should look at that are accessible for non-Art History majors (funding is not an issue)? 

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What makes you assume that this would be an issue? Assuming your grades and recs are good--especially if can get one from at least one art hist prof--your background should not be an issue for any program, in Europe or the USA. Emphasize your museum experience in your statement, as well as how your experience with history informs how your study of art. The leap from history to art history is not very big, and many programs actually prefer a background in a neighboring discipline. Don't close off options already!

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