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MSW- Fall 2017 or Fall 2018?


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Hello everyone! I'm hoping to obtain some clarity... I have been going in circles for too long is not even funny.

A small background about my academic work/ work experience: I have a GPA of 2.379 from El Camino College and a 3.192 from DH where I graduated with a BA in Sociology in 2013.

I have volunteer work experience as a crisis counselor, parent/ student advocate paid work, case management paid work (2years) and currently employed as a project coordinated at a non-profit.

I am finally ready to return to school for an MSW. After looking at my finances, making a detailed plan to save money, and doing my research of MSW (including attending informational sessions) I HAD decided that applying for Fall of 2018 would be best for me. Until today. For some reason I had this rush of not wanting to wait and start Fall 2017! So I contacted a professor for a letter of reference, contacted a previous employer for a second letter of rec and plan(ned) to ask my current employer for the last letter. 

As I am "starting" the process reading more and more about GPAs and courses to be completed before applying, needless to say the personal statement ... I am so overwhelmed! I don't know if I should apply anymore.

I am interested in CSULB, CSULA, CSUDH and CSUN. Some of these universities (if not all) are now asking for a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (LB). If my calculations are right... I have a cumulative GPA of 2.7855. Can someone verify that please? Another reason why I am reconsidering applying for Fall 2018 is because I foresee having everything ready by start of November... since most of these schools have a rolling based admissions and they pick students on a first come first serve basis, and only choose about 250 to their program ... does that mean I will be too late? Lastly, LB is requiring applicants to have taken a Elementary Statistics and Probability class; I took Math 115: Probability and Statistics for Prospective Elementary School Teachers at ECC. I checked their approved list and they approve Math 150 not 115- although a syllabus of the taken course can be provided. I am even thinking of taking Math 150 at ECC during winter. LB says the class as to be completed no later than Spring 2017. But then, what does that mean for submitting a completed application and transcripts? 

I am overwhelmed. I am not sure what to do. Any feedback would truly be appreciated. 


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It is certainly overwhelming!

I dont know if we could verify your gpa as it would depend on the number of credits you took for each program.

For those required pre-reqs, they likely dont have to be submitted prior to your application- you just have to finish and pass it to keep your "provisional admittance"... I'd check with the admissions folks but this is typically the case. 

I'm in a similar boat in that my history degree means I dont have enough social/behavioral sciences for a lot of the public (and cheaper) programs...


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My name is victor and I am from Cuba. I'm thinking to apply to the MSW program next year but my gpa is really low 2.7. However I got a good Gre score 160 in quantitative and 165 in verbal. I want to know what are my chances And if I can still apply to a good program! I'm thinking in Boston college 

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