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help with universities shortlisting



My profile is :

GRE: 330(165 Q, 165V, 3.5 AW) ,

CGPA- 8.5, No backlogs,

no work experience, 2 projects, decent LORs

My research interests are Machine learning, data mining.

Plz suggest safe and ambitious universities for MS in CS out of these :UCLA, USC, SUNY, Georgia Tech, Purdue, NCSU, Wisconsin -madison campus, Univ of Maryland(College Park), UIUC, TAMU, UTA, UC Irvine.


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You might want to tell us what field you are applying in. 

You might also want to share whether you are applying for a MA or PhD, and what your research interests are. It's impossible for anyone to make suggestions without knowing at least that much. 

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10 minutes ago, bal27 said:

I am applying for MS CS -Fall 2017

CS is still a very broad field. Are you interested the use of machine learning? Over-retention in the digital realm? Computer vision? Natural language processing? Data management? Cybersecurity? Computer games? Visualization? Theoretical computer science?  Image processing? Data analysis?

I see that you've edited your original post. Which SUNY school? There are a lot of them since it's part of the State University of New York.

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Just now, bal27 said:

@Warelin Hi, I am interested in Machine learning , data mining and data management.

Take a few minutes to figure out why those programs you have listed fit your research needs. Do they have strengths in your interest or do they ignore it? How important is funding to you? Are there faculty members at each institution that interest you because of shared interests?

For example, a quick look at UW Madison reveals that the MS in Computer Science is a professional degree. And Madison has this note:

"Important notice on funding opportunities: In late January 2015, the Department of Computer Sciences adopted a new policy regarding financial aid for professional students in accordance with UW regulations. Based on this policy, PMP students cannot accept research assistantships, teaching assistantships, project assistantships or other university appointments that grant waivers of tuition and/or academic fees. For more details, please visit the FAQ page"

You also make mention that you have no work experience. Professional Master's degrees are usually aimed and designed for those who already have a career and are looking to advance those skills for a promotion. As such, you'll find it incredibly hard to get accepted into a Professional Master's degrees.

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