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Would this be a good letter of recommendation?

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Hey all! Just for reference, I have a 3.53 in my 1st BA (psychology), have yet to take the GRE, and a 4.0 in my post-bacc. I plan on apply to schools next year and matriculating in 2018. I've got experience administering language and self-regulation assessments to preschoolers for my language development research team and working with selectively mute kiddos. I currently started observing under an SLP who I also help with private practice management.

For my letters, I have a psychology professor who taught me for a year, supervised my practicum with selectively mute children, and who gives me stella recommendations for everything I need. I can also ask the professor of my research team because she will have known me for over 2 years by the time I apply and she liked me enough to hire me after I graduated (but I was never in any of her classes so she can't speak for me academically). I don't really have a third letter thought out yet but in my online bio course (which is very discussion/written assignment heavy) my professor emailed me personally and told me what a fantastic student/writer I was and offered to write me a letter if I needed it. I was super surprised and her interest in me was really unexpected. I'm trying to decide whether to pick this bio professor for a letter or this SLP that I started observing/interning under?

I was thinking maybe use the psych professor, bio professor, and research employer for schools that require two academic letters? Is it awful if I'm out of field with a post-bacc but no SLP professor letters?

Thank you all for your time!

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I would definitely ask the SLP professor.  The bio professor's letter may be good, but since it was for one online course, it won't carry much weight.  Not having an SLP related letter could make it seem like you did your post-bac, but weren't a good student in it/didn't form any connections.  It could look like you're a fantastic psych student and researcher, but not successful in SLP (most likely not how it really is, just how it could seem to the committee when they are reading other's letters that are all about SLP stuff).  It look like you have a strong resume though so best of luck!

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Thanks for your answer! In terms of people from the SLP field, I have one practicing SLP who I'm interning/observing under and one last post-bacc semester to try to connect with a professor. It's possible that a professor from my 2016 summer semester could write for me but it was only a two month course and we haven't spoken since it ended. Sigh. Hopefully a 4.0 in my post-bacc shows how well-suited I am for this field! Does anyone think the SLP intern supervisor could be a better letter than the bio professor who reached out to me? Did anyone here get into a school without an SLP professor letter? 

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