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Who to choose?

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently applying to PhD in Political Science programs and Masters in Public Policy programs. I need some help deciding on my third recommendation letter. 

Option 1: My old philosophy teacher. He has a PhD in Philosophy. I've taken him in two classes. I did excellently in his classes and I consider him to be a mentor. 

Option 2: A political science instructor who has been my teacher and colleague. I've worked with him on different advocacy campaigns. He has an MA in Political Science. Again, I did well in his class and I consider him to be a mentor.

The advantage of the philosophy teacher is that he has a PhD while the political scientist has an MA. I'm assuming that, in general, recommendation letters from PhD holders hold more weight than MA holders. The political scientist, on the other hand, can talk about both my academic and professional performance. He is also a political science, which is especially relevant given that I'm applying for a degree in political science/public policy.

What do you guys think? 


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