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chances of getting into phd program


Hi guys,

I am looking for any feedback on whether or not I stand a fair chance at getting into a good (possibly top 20) phd program with my current stats.

Major: Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Bioengineering

UGrad Institution: Well known public school, one of the top engineering public schools

GPA: 3.35 (was lowest fresh, soph, last two semesters averages above a 3.5)

GRE: retaking to get above a 165Q, 156 V

Research: ~1 year in a translational biomaterials, cancer tumor and bone marrow microenvironment laboratory. Possibility of being cited on paper PI is writing.

~4 month internship at big pharma company. Worked in early development neuroscience on a Parkinson's project and was able to be cited as a coauthor with my PI I was working with.

I want to get into a bioengineering phd program and focus on research into the tumor microenvironment and tissue engineering.

LOR: 2 i know will be really good, 1 may be subpar

I feel like my research has been pretty good and I aim to write a killer SOP, but I'm worried my lowish GPA is a deciding factor even though it has immensely proved the last few semesters. Any ideas???

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I'd say your research is a bit on the light side too. Will you only have one letter from a professor you did research with? I think it's possible to get into top 20, but I would definitely also apply to less competitive programs as well. 

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