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Recommendation Letter - Questionable Source


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Hi all, 

I was very excited when I got the idea of asking one of my clients to write a recommendation letter (I assist people facing legal issues with food stamps and public assistance). When I spoke to a previous professor, however, she immediately cautioned against that because she advised me to get two academic letters of recommendation to demonstrate my abilities in an academic setting. She said that I should just ask my supervisor to quote the client in her letter of recommendation. What do y'all think of this? 

Thank you!

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Normally, for professional degrees, you'll want a letter from your employer.  The client letter would be non-standard.  

Also, in this case, there's the possibility that the writer owes you something, or at least can't compare your work with anyone else's.  Not the best place to make a credible recommendation.

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No, don't get a letter from a client. You are in a position of power over them, assuming that they are poor and need your help. They are also not in a position to actually evaluate your work or compare you to others. That kind of letter would be disregarded by admissions committees, and might make them doubt your seriousness about your application. Get a letter from your employer. 

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