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Will advanced generalist track prepare me for clinical work?


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Hello everyone. I am looking into online programs for a few different reasons, and I'm noticing some of the most affordable programs only offer an advanced generalist track. I'm interested in working as a clinical social worker. Will an advanced generalist track prepare me for this or do I need to find a program that has a clinical focus? 

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Hey there, I know UNR offers an online generalist MSW and they do not offer specialized degreed outside of that. The short answer is, kind of. The BSW is training in generalist practice, which means you learn the basics skills needed to work with just about anyone and the MSW generalist practice is the same, but advanced skills. What you can do to gain special skills is: 1) put in for practicum/internship opportunities in a mental health setting 2) take electives specific for therapeutic interventions

3) volunteer in jobs that expose you to clinical practice and

4) network, network, network. 

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Additionally, depending on what state you're in you need to take certain course/have certain content to be able to licence. I don't know if you want to license, but that's usually good for clinical work. Where I am (Virginia) we have four areas of content we have to have in school to be able to license later on, including psychopathology and some clinical practice courses (micro and macro). You don't have to do it during your degree, but you do have to get credits for them. That may be something you'll want to look into.

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