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Can I get in the top 10 schools with low GRE



I am planning to apply for a PhD program in Chemical Engineering

I have a really low GRE scores: 147 for verbal, 162 for quantitative and 3 for writing. However, I have a good GPA of 3.98 from a well-known public university. I have two years of research and one published paper as a second author. I also had more than three years working in the industry (not all related to ChemE though).

I know that I should take the GRE again to increase my chance, but English is not my first language so I don't think it would improve much.

What is my chance of getting into the top schools? I am aiming for Stanford for example. Did anyone get into the top school with that low GRE scores like mine?

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No one can give you an accurate answer to your chances. However, my guess would be that it would be difficult (ie I would not be surprised if you were not accepted to any top 10 school). That being said, your chances are non-zero (as long as you apply) and I'm sure there have been people that have gotten in with those scores, so just apply if it's what you really want.

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