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Kind of freaking out about LORs...


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So, two of the three schools I'm applying to say something like "Ideally you should have two professional references and one academic. The professional reference should speak to your strengths in the human service field."

The mistake I made? I already talked to my recommenders, and finished my applications. Two of my references are academic. Only one is professional. I don't have any social work experience anyway, so it's not like I could have submitted two great letters by supervisors from the field speaking to my strengths. However, one of academic references hasn't even started my letters yet. I guess I could tell her "hey thanks, but actually no thanks" and ask for a second professional reference from a non-human service job.

Do you all think I'd be better off with two professional references even if they aren't social work ones? Or would two academic references and one professional (non human services) be pretty much the same? I'm way overthinking this, but it feels like any wrong move could totally mess up my chances at admission. The schools do say "ideally" not "required" but I seem to get conflicting answers any time I ask admission counselors for advice.

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If you dont have the human services work experience, I think its better to get academic references. Instead of telling your third recommender "never mind", you could just ask a 4th person and keep their letter on deck or possibly submit it in addition. I think its wise to ask at least one extra person in case somebody flakes, anyhow. 

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