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Should I retake? Lowish quant score for top tier schools


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Hi GradCafe,


  • I will be applying for a PhD position at Stanford Energy Resources Engineering in December
  • I took the GRE last year and scored V 157 / Q 162 / AW 5
  • With Stanford ERE in mind, I studied my ass off hoping to boost my quant score. Took the test yesterday, and alas, my nerves got the better of me. The results are rather confusing; apparently my vocabulary has seen a dramatic improvement in one year. My new score is V 165 / Q 162 / AW N/A


  • Is it worth it to retake the GRE? Could a 162 quant score be a potential deterrent to entry? I purposefully left myself just enought time in case a retake was necessary.

Other details:

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering at a decent university. Cumulative GPA = 3.9. Also some undergrad research experience
  • Master's degree (in prog.) in environmental science. Cumulative GPA = 4
  • 1 publication so far (not first author)
  • Relevent industry experience

Thanks for the help all,

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