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Graduate Application query

Chetan K

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Dear Fellow applicant,

I am looking to pursue masters degree in Petroleum Engineering. I have graduated in Electrical and Instrumentation in 2008 from Nirma University and have gained 8 years of industry experience with reputed oil and gas engineering companies.
Would you able to advice required GRE score competitive enough to get admission? For you information,I have 64% in B.Tech and GRE score of 300. AWA 3.0. Unfortunately, I am not able to change my GPA but hoping to improve my application by other means I.e Higher GRE score
I am also interested in taking research in the area of advanced oil recovery. would you be able to advice any further information that might help my application in this regard?
So far, I am facing rejection fro Missouri, WVS and University of Lousiana-Lafayette.
Hoping to receive your advice to make application competitive in order to succeed in second attempt.
Thank you in advance! 



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        I am also applying for Grad schools for Fall 17 semester (Petroleum Engineering). Your profile is less than ideal for reputed petroleum engineering programs. 64% in India would be equivalent to about 2.5 CGPA on the 4.0 scale. That is very low, and Petroleum Engineering is one of the most competitive programs in the United States. Let's say your eight years experience in the Oil and Gas industry will make the admission committee overlook your very low GPA, that still leaves the low GRE score. 300 is nowhere near enough to get into a petroleum engineering program at any U.S university. 


     So, what should you do now? Maybe retake the GRE general test. The score in the top 10% of the test takers if possible. If that is too hard for you at least try to score 163- 165 on the quantitative section and 152-156 on the verbal and no less than 3.5 on the writing. Then, write an incredibly persuasive Statement of Purpose. Explain in that why you have a low GPA and how your eight years experience in the field can compensate for that. Get good letters of recommendations from your employer. By "good" I mean great! Stellar letters of recommendation. 

Do all that, and they might consider letting you in. Getting into Petroleum Engineering Grad programs is very hard and you have to be willing to put in the effort.

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