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MFA Creative Nonfiction Programs

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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend creative nonfiction MFA programs (or faculty) that have a focus on reportage, as I'm told that most nonfiction MFAs focus on memoir or essays.

I'm a journalist and I have a specific book project in mind, which I envision as a blend of historical research, reportage, and memoir. I'm hoping to find programs that can help me learn the craft of creative nonfiction writing properly, with the goal of producing a book by the end of the program.

I'm told that Pitt's nonfiction MFA and NYU's MA in literary reportage could be a good fit, but I'd appreciate other suggestions to broaden the pool.




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Hi Ellehk, 

Sorry, I just saw this; you've probably already applied to several programs by now. I can't think of many other programs you could apply to, so I'll just promote the one I'm in right now, lol. I'm a first year fiction student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, and the school has a creative nonfiction track for interested applicants. Many of my fellow writers and I are taking Memoir and Autobiography this coming spring semester, for example.

The intensive two-year program is fully funded and flexible on what writing courses you can take, and every student completes a publishable manuscript by the end. The program also asks students to specialize in one of three secondary areas: literature, rhetoric and composition, and TESL. Based off your interests, I think you'd be interested in the rhetoric and composition area: it deals a lot with what makes for effective arguments in communications and where to draw effective research from. Bowling Green also has a local paper, a museum of Kentucky history, and a historic downtown area. I'm not sure what subject you're wanting to cover for your planned book project, but there are ways here to scratch your historical itch if needed.

You can learn more about the program at The deadline is this February 1, and the application fee is fairly low. Let me know if you have any other questions; I'll check back here every day during the next week, just to be sure. I hope your applications have been going well!



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