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Is MS in Maths at NYU Courant worth it ?

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Hi everyone,


I would really appreciate if someone may give me advices on my situation. I am currently a CS major and about to graduate in the upcoming May. For my final year thesis, I have been doing tone of research related to Probability Theory and truly enjoy it. In fact, I like it so much that I am seriously considering doing Phd in Mathematics after graduation. However, because of my CS curriculum, I have taken only Calculus Sequence, Linear Algebra, ODE, Real Analysis I. Most people I talk to think that I am underqualified for Phd in math. 

So one option to fix this problem is to apply for a good Masters in Math program to fulfill the prerequisites. I heard that NYU Courant has a good MS in pure Maths programme which it is easy to get in. However, the tuition fee is very expensive and someone else in this 4rum mentioned it was not worth for them as BS Math majors.

Though, would it be beneficial to someone in my situation ?


Thank you for any feedback !

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