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  1. I know NYU MS in Math remains open until April 1st:
  2. PhD Biostats: Columbia vs UNC

    3. It is very difficult because in Columbia Biostat is managed by the medical school while Columbia Statistics belongs to GSAS. So a joint-arrangement would be next to impossible with the current levels of bureaucracy at Columbia. You can also check out for students who have co-mentors in the PhD page. Some have co-mentors but they are both BioStat professor.
  3. Master's Statistics: Columbia v/s Duke

    As a Masters student, you wont have a chance at all. Big names like Gelman and Blei only teach PhD classes and unless you are very top MS students, it is difficult to even seek for permission to attend them. On the other hand, the MS curriculum is actually very balanced between Frequentist and Bayesian Statistics.
  4. Master's Statistics: Columbia v/s Duke

    It would help if you specify which type of jobs from these companies you want to land. In general, I think either of them would not help that much. if you are aiming for a Data Scientist or Quant Analyst role, it is very challenging because these top techs mainly recruit from the PhD graduate pool. As such, Masters candidates are mostly placed into Software Engineering Positions where the coding interviews are all that matters... Though between Duke and Columbia, I would pick Duke Stat MA programme as the cohort is much smaller and the placement record is quite strong in respect to a Masters program:
  5. New York, NY

    I would say $160/month for groceries, food and misc in NYC is next to impossible ... And yes, most graduate students live in shared apartments. Many universities have off campus housing websites where you can find roommates. You should definitely check it out.
  6. I am also an upcoming PhD student in ML, and have done some non-trivial research about these programmes during my application. I agree with your professors and many of my professors also said something similar that UMass CS reputation is stronger than what USNews gave it credit for, i.e., USNews CS Ranking: UMass (#25) vs UMD(#15) and USNews AI ranking UMass (#12) vs UMD(#16). In academia, a department reputation mostly correlate with the number of papers they published in the top tier journals & conferences. According to this website: As a whole, UMass CS research output is almost identical to UMD (5.4 ~ 5.3). However, for AI, UMass is almost 50% better (19.8 vs 13.2). Refined further to only ML research (the first 3 categories), UMass still outperforms UMD (24.1 vs 16.9). That being saids, PhD decision ties down to your POI, research fit and placement record. But I am sure you would make the decision wisely...
  7. Masters in Applied Statistics UMichigan

    In my opinion, most of the Masters Statistics (maybe except UChicago) do not really increase your chance much into a PhD program. I dont know much about the UM MA Stat but it seems that their students are able to land jobs in the financial industry: From the website FAQ: Q: I am interested in going into finance and would like to have a better understanding of statistics. Would the Applied Master’s program be an appropriate degree? A: We have had Applied Masters alumni find careers in finance. Some recent examples of finance jobs our graduates started upon completing the degree: Quantitative Research and Trading at Worldco, LLC Financial Analyst at the Quantitative Strategies Group of Goldman Sachs Quantitative Operations Manager at Bank of America FX Options Trader – Associate at Bank of America Credit Risk Analyst at Household Credit Services
  8. Ann Arbor, MI

    Thank you ! That is a very detailed response.
  9. Ann Arbor, MI

    Anyone ?
  10. Biostat: UW vs Upenn?

    Full stat from the link: Position type first year after graduation, 2012 - 2016 cohorts Tenure-track faculty 14% Postdoctoral / Traineeship / Fellowship 28% Non-Tenure Track Faculty / University Researcher / University Administrator 5% Business / Industry 44% Other professional employment / Government / Non-Profit 9% Not employed 0% No data available 2% Total Ph.D.s awarded 64
  11. I dont know anything about BioStat so I can not really give advice. Just want to add that if you do well in your class, it is relatively easy at Michigan to secure a TA job from 2nd semester onward so it may help to pull down the cost a little bit.
  12. This is one of the most prevalent myth on Wall Street. Perhaps, NYU MathFin AdCom may give another take on the same topic: **Also note that while the author at quantstart offered some interesting ideas, he seems (at least from his profile) to never work in a Quant desk before.
  13. I did an internship at a quant desk in NYC and have many friends who go to top IB in Wall Street or hedge funds in Chicago. In my experience, the finance industry is very status obsessed and recruit heavily from the Ivies. So going through a solid Statistics or Mathematics PhD from a solid but non Ivy university may not get you there. If being a quant is what you really want, there are friendlier ways such as getting a top-tier Masters in Financial Engineering, Operations Research or Mathematical Finance. The admission is often easier than a Math & Stat PhD and schools like CMU or Berkeley have great records of placing their students to top jobs.
  14. Ann Arbor, MI

    Hi everyone, I am an incoming PhD Stats from Fall 2017. To minimize the stress of finding a new home in a new city, I am planning to stay in a shared 2-bedroom apartment at Northwood IV & V Graduate Housing for the first one or two semester(s). The monthly rent is $635 (with AC). Apparently, there are many negative feedback about the place. Is it really that bad ? Is the UMich bus system between North and Central Campus reliable ?