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NYU MSGA vs. Northwestern MPPA


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I graduated from the George Washington University, majoring in International Affairs, now seeking for graduate studies to solidify my knowledge and apply some practical skills.

I applied several schools for 2017 spring. Now I am deciding between two schools: NYU vs. Northwestern University.

I am writing down some of my comments here for your reference and I would love to hear feedbacks from current student or past graduates since I can only find limited information on those two programs. 

NYU: Master of Science in Global Affairs. First of all, NYC is an international hub for global affairs and emerging markets, good for networking. The curriculum offered seem to be more concentrated. However, it is so expansive that I am not sure if the outcomes are worth the tuition paid. I have heard that it is a fairly new program and I really appreciate any comments on this program.

NU: Master of Public Policy and Administration: It seems like a combination of public relations and international affairs without a specific concentration. I was quite confused. And when I look at the faculty members, to be honest, I was a little disappointed. Moreover, it is an graduate program that you can complete online, making me doubtful about its quality, no offense. However, it is after all prestigious school and Chicago seems less competitive. 

I need to clarify my background first. I am an international student thus career options matter since I need a legal status to stay in the United States. My ideal job is working for NGOs preferably the United Nations though I know it is hard. Both of the programs are run in the School of the Professional Studies so not many resources given in such a perspective. But I have to pick one out of these two now. It is urgent. Please help me out. Any one knowing these two programs feel free to leave your comments. :rolleyes:

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