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U of T Pre-reqs

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Applying for my second round at Canadian universities this year, and I noticed that U of T has changed its pre requisites and what it accepts for them. I have e-mailed to obtain a form that will allow me to apply with my anatomy course that no longer qualifies (they will continue to accept it until 2018). However, the admissions secretary is insistent that "Research methods" has always been a requirement, and not 2 statistics courses which I am certain was the requirement last year. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I had all of my prerequisites in a row after 3 years of hard work and now they have all changed. I am going to the info session at the end of the month to clarify, but I am just reaching out to see if anyone else is experiencing frustration at this.

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You're right. I think the secretary was confused. They need to differentiate between the two: Research Design is not the same as Statistics but some schools cover both. It looks like they want a Reaearch Design course now on top of the Statistics. Maybe they noticed some accepted students were coming in with no knowledge of how to critique articles which is a vital skill for evidence based so that could be why it was added to cover that deficiency.

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