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is it good idea to apply for two options?


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Hi, I have Im going to apply for 2 options for political science: 

1- Political science Thesis

2- Political science Non Thesis- option gender

Is it a good idea? or should I only apply for one of them?

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I'm assuming this is for a Masters degree? If so - what is your long term goal for it and what is the option instead of a thesis? If you want to go on for a PhD, you'll likely want to do the thesis so you can more clearly show admissions committees that you're capable of doing research work. If you plan on finishing with the MA/MS/whatever and going into the workforce, a solid internship may be a better option.

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Yes, this is for an Master's Degree

As long as I understand the only difference is wether to write a thesis or not? Can you please help me understand if this is the only difference between programs?



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