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How many credits?


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Hello, I will be starting a clinical MSW program in January. Not online, in person and my classes will be at night. 

I don't work, so I will be going full-time. I'm trying to figure out how many courses I could handle at once. I'm assuming 3 for sure, but what about 4? I don't know if that 4th one will be over kill or not.  I will have all day since courses are at night...

Since I'm coming from a BS in Psychology, I will not be starting my first field placement until the Fall.


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It depends on the requirements of the program, I'd say. At my university there is a very specific track you MUST take if accepted. I applied to the 33 credit advanced standing program and it is a 1 year program. It is one semester of 16 credits and one semester of 17 credits.

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