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Contacting POI for PhD application status


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A month back I applied for a PhD program for admission in spring 2017 in US. I had contacted the POI before applying, we had a skype interview where we discussed my research experience and her projects, all in all it went pretty well. Later on she obtained recommendation letters from my references and she asked them some questions about me. We exchanged a few emails about the admission process after that as well. So there was definitely some kind of rapport between us.

Fast forward to present day, I contacted the graduate admissions coordinator regarding my application status and a final admission notification date. And she's been absolutely unresponsive to my email. Now it's getting pretty close to end of year and I am worried that I am not hearing from this program at all. So would it be a good idea to contact the POI regarding my application status? The general consensus over here says that it might come off as weird and a little aggressive. But then I'm getting pretty anxious as it's December already and the professor seemed interested in me.

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Contacting the POI to look into an administrative matter would be, at best, spectacularly bad form. 

Look into other ways that you could communicate with the graduate admissions office up to and including coworkers of the coordinator. I very strongly recommend against contacting anyone who may "outrank" the coordinator, e.g. a boss.

As you explore these alternate forms of communication, be as polite as you are persistent. Express the appropriate amount of urgency but don't act as if you're circumstances constitute an emergency. Do what you can not to freak out. If you can't help but to freak out, act as if you're not freaking out.

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