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Trying to remain calm...


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So I retook the gre today, despite many financial obstacles and didn't do as good as I had hoped. I actually did terrible. I got a 146Q a 162V and unknown on the essay, last time I got a 4.5 but this time I felt that my first essay didn't go as smooth. I should note that I am a social scientist that does qualitative work, and have good marks ins stat. Any who, I don't have time to retake them for my first school application, but probably can for the rest. I am pretty broke, but this is my dream soo. advice?

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Was your Quant score better on your first exam? Some programs allow you to submit both tests, and then they take the best score for every section.

Your 162 Verbal score is great! I would say if your finances prevent you from taking it again, stick with sending both tests, (or just this one if this is an improvement for Q). GRE is just part of the whole application package, and a program like geography, though it involves math, is certainly not as math intensive as some others. Buck up, be confident, and let that confidence come through in the rest of your app.


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