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Strengthen Genetic Counseling Application


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I'm looking for application strengthening tips for applying to genetic counseling programs in January 2018.

I have a bachelors in clinical lab science (~2.7 GPA). I hold ASCP certifications as a medical laboratory scientist (MLS), a specialist in clinical chemistry (SC), and a technologist in molecular biology (MB). I have 8 years working on the clinical bench, with 6 years experience working with molecular assays in the clinical setting and two and half years working exclusively in a molecular diagnostics lab in an academic medical center. GRE 156 V, 155 Q, 4.5 AW. I'm currently working on my masters degree in clinical lab science. I'm hoping to finish next fall, and I have a 4.0 thus far. I know I will get glowing letters of recommendation from other professors in the university (including one from my lab director who works closely with genetic counseling).

I'm planning on shadowing a CGC next year as I read that looks good. I'm hoping my work experience will help me stand out and my CLS masters will help compensate for my abysmal undergrad GPA.

What else can I do to strengthen my application? Thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: Due to my husband's career, my family isn't in a position to move for a program. At this point, I'm planning on only applying to VCU.

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I've recently applied and haven't heard back, so my input is all based on career camps I've attended. Having a 4.0 in your Master's is awesome! Every program or GC I've talked to says they can waive the GPA requirement if the rest of the application is very strong.

They'll want to see good advocacy experience as well. If patient advocacy is part of your current job then you're doing well. None of the programs I asked had an issue with experience being paid.

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