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Profile Evaluation-2018Fall


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Hi guys, I am an international student who will be applying for PHD programs next year. I was wondering if any of you would like to evaluate my profile.

Do I have a shot at some top 10 or top 20 programs?

Thank you so much!

Undergrad: Top 10 National Liberal arts college in the U.S.

Major: Political Science, Statistics

Undergrad GPA:  3.8 overall, GPA for PoliSci is 3.83 (aiming for a departmental honor for thesis and gpa), GPA for stats is 3.75.

GRE: 169/170/5

Language(s): Chinese(native), English, French(C1), Arabic(High intermediate)

Experience: No undergraduate research experience (my biggest concern). However, my thesis will be pretty original. Some minor teaching Experience.

SOP:  Can't say yet...

Writing sample: Will be my thesis.

Recommendations: Very decent. Two of them are from professors who are renowned in the field. Will be able to get another one from the president of my college with whom I took a polisci class.

Publication: none

Field: Comparative Politics: Primary field: Democratization, regional focus: Middle East. Secondary field: European Politics+populism.


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Yea, the stats are rock solid, but it's the LORs/SOP/Writing Sample that would set it apart (in a good way or a bad way). I guess the best evaluation I could come up with now is that you have a great foundation to build on but a lot will come down to what you put on that.

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Let's put it this way - I'd be shocked if you weren't able to land somewhere incredibly decent with that profile. However, echoing what others said, make sure you have strong letters of recommendation and make sure your writing sample is up to par. When in doubt, mimic the tone of journal articles.

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