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Uni GPA equivalency is wrong?

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So, my university ranks GPAs over 10. All classes are graded over 10 and then they average the grades. A 9/10 makes you eligible for a distinction/honor mention. My GPA for my BA and MA are 8.65 and 9.54 respectively. I checked some online GPA equivalency program (not the most reliable, granted), and it stated that my American GPA would be a high 3.X (can't remember what it was now) and a 4.0. My issue is that on my transcripts, my university offers their own rating of the GPA over 4, and I dunno how they weigh them exactly but by their calculations my GPA over 4 would be 2.93 and 3.35. This seems ridiculously low to me, and even if my GPA wouldn't be as high as the online program stated, I am certain that they are not as low as they seem through the university calculations.

Has anyone faced an issue like this? How would you deal with it? I can't omit the university's calculations from my documents and I don't know how appropriate it would be to say anything when I apply. I worry that if I say anything I come off as petty but that if I don't they'll take my converted GPA at face value. Any advice?

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I am assuming this is an international GPA right? In that case, the school receiving your score will treat both your /10 GPA and /4.0 GPA as international ones and they will apply their own adjustment to convert the international GPA to the one their school uses. But if you are concerned, you can add a note** in your application to say that you think your GPA is equivalent to X using Y service online. (Although again, the school will prefer to convert GPAs on their own, so they won't take your conversion seriously either).

**You can add the note in the part of the form where you enter your GPA, if there is an option, or in the area of the application form that lets you add any other notes (usually near the end).

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