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Sociology graduate program - I need your opinions please!!


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I am interested in an online Sociology program at a university, but am required to take two to three courses as a non-degree student before applying to the program. Once they are completed, I can apply to the graduate program and these two classes will count towards course requirements. I really want to consider this program since it's in-state and much cheaper. As a non-degree student, I won't qualify for financial aid, so I would be paying for classes myself. The in-state tuition is very helpful. I'm only somewhat worried that I may not get accepted into the program (for whatever reason) and then the two courses I took would go to waste.

Should I consider this option, submit an application, and hope I get accepted? Let me know what you think. Good idea or bad idea?

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it is never a bad idea to apply, and once you get through you can decide. or prolly start thinking over after applying. however, since you wish to learn, the least you can do is apply atleast. things will work out, they always do.


P.S. As a Sociology student myself i would recommend you wholeheartedly to go for it. it will be absolutely worth it and a life-changing experience.

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