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PhD Statistics - Application Eval


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Hey everyone.  My stats are below.

Undergrad Institution: Large State School (non-prestigious)
Program: BS Physics, BS Math (graduated 2013)
GPA: 3.56
Grad Institution: Large State School (non-prestigious)
Program: MS Applied Math (graduate 2017)
GPA: 3.80
Type of Student: Domestic White Male
Upper Level Courses: engineering statistics, probability, real analysis 1 and 2, complex variables, linear algebra, ODEs, PDEs, linear programming, topology, abstract algebra, numerical methods, discrete math, number theory, mechanics 1 and 2, electromagnetism 1 and 2, thermodynamics, math methods for physics 1 and 2, quantum mechanics, experimental physics 1 and 2
Graduate Level Courses: complex analysis, measure theory, probability theory, data analysis, numerical linear algebra, differential topology, algebraic topology, fourier analysis, wavelets, differential equations, abstract algebra, applied math
GRE: 160Q, 160V, 4.5W
Research Experience: Undergrad research in computational physics, mostly (non-statistical) data analysis (no paper...yet)
Research Interests: Bayesian methods, decision theory, time series, big data, stochastic processes and probability models, applications to AI/robotics

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: dean's list, honors college (i.e. nothing special)

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Instructor of record for multivariable calculus, business calculus, precalculus. TA for calculus 1 and 2.
Letters of Recommendation:
-Two stats professors I took graduate stats courses with
-One math professor I took graduate classes with
Plan to apply to (Phd Programs Only):
Schools primarily along the east coast
I won't pretend that I'm a good candidate for a top 10 school, but I'm wondering if you all could help me get a good idea of the range of schools I have a decent shot at rankings wise. I would say rankings 30 or worse based on comparing just my undergrad record, but my grad school record complicates things, especially since a stats professor I spoke with a couple weeks ago said I shouldn't rule out "good" schools...whatever that meant.  Thanks.
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