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MFA programs that encompass studio practice, social practice, science, data etc - Advice?


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I had thought I had my schools all chosen and set, but now that it's time to start submitting everything I am second guessing it all. I'm an interdisciplinary artist with a background in sculpture and photography, but I also focus on ecology, data collection and socially engaged art. I'm worried that if I end up in the more traditional big name programs, no one will get my work and I will be frustrated. I'm also concerned that if I apply somewhere that focuses on social practice or technology that I will be pigeon holing myself into a specific genre - though this is really where I see my work heading, and I want the resources of graduate school to purse incorporating more technology into. 

When looking at programs, I am by far most excited by MIT SMACT - though I am not sure my work is quite techy enough yet! Can anyone fill me in on comparable programs? From what I see they might be UPENN, RPI, UofM, CMU? (I'm planning to stick to the east coast)

I'm interested in SVA's Biotech lab, but I can't tell how much the MFA students have access to it? 

Also looking at Queens Social Practice, SAIC. 

Programs I was interested in but am now second guessing: VCU, Alfred, Bard and Rutgers. 

Anyone have a few moments to share insight? 


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