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Programs that accept MA credits


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Hello everyone,

I completed my MA in clinical psychology (research - not licensed) in 2014 - MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College. 

I had some unexpected personal roadblocks and could not pursue applying to PhD programs after graduating, as planned. 

It's now been a few years, and I realize that I need either additional schooling (PhD) or to pursue a license in order to secure a job. I have held a few short term positions since, but nothing satisfactory. 

Now that the years have passed, although getting my PhD was and is still my dream, I am open to other avenues such as clinical social work, MFT, LPCC, or even psychiatric NP. 

Before I give up on the idea of getting my doctorate though, I'd like to get all the info. 

Things that are holding me back from getting a PhD: 

- Time to graduation (5-6+ years)

- Cost for private programs if I stay local (possible, but not ideal - CA and specifically bay area have very few public university PhD programs + extremely competitive)

- Relocation (I'm based in the CA bay area, and not convinced I want to relocate right now - but open to it)

- Licensing particularities if I do decide to move out of state

- Job availability+security guarantees (if I do all that additional schooling, I better have a solid chance of getting a solid, well-paying job)

With that in mind, the first thing I want to know is:

- Are there speedy clinical or counseling psych PhD programs out there? What programs will take my MA credits? Preferably in CA

Thanks in advance!


- tiramisu

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@tiramisu I don't know about any in PhD programs in CA as I mostly researched this problem for the OK/TX/KS/MO/AR area. I also have my Master's (However, I am a licensed marital & family therapist) and what i found is that a lot of programs will only give you a little credit towards their doctorate; you really have to research each school and program specifically and thoroughly to find out if they will take a significant amount of time (a year or two) off the total time. I found that some programs (like Oklahoma state university: counseling psych and university of oklahoma: counseling psych)) are specifically targeted for post master's students. For example, OSU counseling psych takes 5 post master's students each each and 3 post bachelor's and they advertise it only taking 4 years for their post master's students (vs. 5 years for their post bachelor's students). 

Regarding licensing...something I am sure you have already found out- licensing varies by state and different licenses have different requirements so be mindful of this when thinking about your future career options. I feel your pain regarding deciding whether or not to apply- it's a huge commitment and can be frustrating knowing you already have graduate school credit...I went through the same thing!

Good luck! 

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