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I am planning to apply for PhD in Physics (2017 Fall). My research interest lies in Cosmology and Particle Physics (Theory). Last year also I tried to apply in the same field but got all rejections. This year my friends and seniors are suggesting me to apply in experimental physics and then change the field after getting admission as it is easy to get admission in experimental physics. But I don't have any research experience in experimental Physics. Any suggestions? 
GPA : 7.29/10 (overall) and 8.29/10 (physics) 
GRE: 302
Physics GRE: 720 
TOEFL_ibt: 106

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I'll be applying to HepEx as well this upcoming Fall semester, however I'm actually interested in it. I don't have any experience either. HepEx seems to be quite specialized as the toolset you'd be using is usually specific to each experiment. Perhaps learning C++ and ROOT would make your resume stick out more. I don't recommend applying to something you plan on switching out of though. 

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