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am i doomed


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How detrimental is it that I mis-typed one of my research experience on my CV was from 06/2013- 12/2014 to 06/2014-12/2014

some of the apps also had a experience section, in which I entered the dates correctly.

Is it worse that they can see this difference or the loss of almost a year of experience on paper?

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You can contact the department with an updated CV saying you had a typo. Worst case you leave it and have research experience that a lot of applicants don't have anyway.


Also your SOP probably discusses your research projects correct? What you actually did matters a lot more to professors than some arbitrary number of days (I assume).

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They are not going to look at your CV. If they do, it will be a five second glance. 

Furthermore, a two week research project that you can discuss in detail and demonstrate how it affected you as a scientist is better than a three year project in which you washed dishes. Your SOP will convey your research better than dates on a CV. 

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