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Hi all,


I am applying for PhDs next year, and I wanted to see where my stats place me. Interested in doing Comparative with a methodological bent. 

Major: Comp Sci and Poli Sci, decent private school (non-ivy though)

GPA: 3.65 (4.00 in Poli Sci)

GRE: 163V 159Q (what I'm really worried about)

Letters: Asking 3 Profs I've had classes with, one is pretty well known. All Poli Sci.

Quant Classes: Through Calc 2; a lot of CS classes including a few classes in Machine Learning and some econ including econometrics 

Research: 2 semesters of research experience in Econ. I've also worked as a programmer. 


Would like to know how I would stand among the top 10, top 20, and a few select schools in the top 25. Not really keen on going anywhere outside a T20. I'm also thinking about doing a masters so let me know your thoughts on that.

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Your core stats look ~average. Without knowing more about your research experience outside of courses, it's hard to say. You haven't provided a lot of information. As your GPA is below a 3.7-3.8, it would be worthwhile to rewrite your GRE. Given your math background, your Q score might throw people off.

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I would second the advice of rewriting your GRE, to try to counter your average GPA. You have plenty of time--study hard and rewrite it. Even 2 points on your Q score would boost you 10+ percentile points. 

As someone else said, your core stats are fairly average. Good in-major GPA, which helps. You're getting an early start on the process, so devote lots of time to finding departments where you have exceptional fit, putting together a very strong writing sample, and making a solid SOP. Also, if you have the opportunity to publish or get a couple of conference presentations, by all means do that. Things like a good writing sample, SOP, and presentations or publications and make up for an average file in other concerns. 

Also, in this process, work hard and be critical of yourself, but don't drive yourself crazy. I tell you to re-write your GRE not because you have a bad score, but because your math training makes me think you can do better.


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