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Masters thesis or comprehensive exam? Opinions please!

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I have applied to several grad programs that offer students two different options within their graduate studies. I've done a little research, but not sure which option to choose. I know the best decision is to choose the thesis option if I decide to further my studies and receive my PhD, but I'm not 100% sure I want to receive my PhD. I know a thesis looks great on a resume, but I'm just not sure what option to take. I have some time to decide, but I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. What are the pros and cons of each option? How did you decide which option to choose? Please let me know!

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I view the difference as the thesis being a long drawn out pain on top of classes and clinic while comps is like ripping off a bandaid. Especially since you'll be studying for the praxis anyway so kill two birds with one stone. Really the only reasons to thesis are phd or major interest in a certain topic. Trust me though, no one who has picked comps in my cohort (all but 3) regrets not doing a thesis. Those girls have double the work in addition to clients and homework. But if your plan is to be a clinician, a thesis isn't that beneficial and I doubt will improve your job chances which are already high because of demand. 

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