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MA Programs in Sociology - Input and opinions please!!


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I am interested in graduate programs in Sociology, but don't have much of a background or a Bachelors in the field. One of the programs I'm interested in requires students without a Sociology background to take two courses as pre-requisites and then apply to the program.  I'm not worried about the two prereq courses, but I'm just hoping I get accepted into the program afterwards. Otherwise the prereqs I take will be a 'waste'. I've already been in contact with an advisor within the program. I was told everyone who takes the prereqs gets accepted into the program, but of course I don't know their stats and how their applications compare to mine.

What does everyone think of this program option/requirement? Please let me know good and bad things!

Also, the program can be completed faster than most graduate programs. This is both a good and bad thing. I will receive my degree and gain employment faster, but the courses are also completed faster. Most of the courses are only 7.5 weeks long. I will take one prereq course and then 7.5 weeks later, I will take the other one. And once I get into the program, all of the courses will be this same length. Is this something to worry about for graduate school? I'm just hoping the courses aren't 'harder' than a normal semester-long course. 

I'm really thinking about this program and wanting to make my decision. Please let me know what you think. Any input, suggestions, and opinions are appreciated. 

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