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Fall 2017 Admissions Cycle


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I just submitted my first application and will be working on 5 more through the middle of January. It's a stressful but exciting time! I'm curious where others are applying to and how you're feeling/what your challenges are right now. 

I'm applying to: UT Austin LBJ, Duke Sanford, Michigan Ford, CMU Heinz, Chicago Harris, and UCLA Luskin. 3.5+ from an okay state school and lower in my last 60 hours. 7 years of development (fundraising) experience at a large human services agency, charter school, and now higher ed. 

I've heard amazing things about Duke and for some reason have my heart set on that program although others may in reality be a better fit. 


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I've submitted applications to LSE, King's College London (both for conflict studies), and Tufts Fletcher (MALD, applied EN), and I'll be submitting apps for American SIS (US Foreign Policy & National Security) & Georgetown SFS (MSFS) in January. 

I just found out last week I was deferred until regular decision for Fletcher, and got a conditional offer to LSE this morning! 

I'm applying straight out of undergrad with just under a 3.6 from NYU (political science), 166V/164Q/5AWA. Experience is limited to one relevant internship, but I have other extra-curriculars/work experience in undergrad as well. I also have somewhat extensive international experience, not working but growing up/study abroad. I know some of these schools are a stretch (lookin at Georgetown) but if I didn't take chances I probably wouldn't have bothered to apply for LSE either. 

Since the department is so renowned in the field I think KCL would be my top choice- both UK schools are also significantly cheaper assuming no funding. 

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As I am finishing up applications and already getting antsy, figured I'd actually make myself visible on this forum instead of just reading secretly.

  • Undergrad: Top 15 Liberal Arts College, 3.43 GPA, 3.61 last two years, Government Major
  • Schools Applied to: Brandeis Heller, Duke Sanford, UMichigan Ford, Georgetown McCourt, UMass Amherst SPP, Northeastern SPPUA
  • GRE: 161 V/ 157 Q /4.5 AWA
  • Experience: will be 2 years post-grad before entering, working at an Education Legal Non-Profit. also various internships related to focus including attending UN Committee sessions for one internship. Lots of leadership activities for extracurriculars too. 

 I think I have my heart set on Heller because of my focus on Child & Family Policy, but Duke and Michigan are also great possibilities. As my spouse lives in Massachusetts doing a PhD, I applied to more schools in MA as a backup. Major concern is funding but I think I am a strong applicant with a great background and direct focus, including a good SOP and letters of rec (despite my slightly low overall GPA and lower than I wanted GRE scores). So it's now just waiting until March.... *Fingers crossed for everyone*

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