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using a shorter version of a longer essay


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I have two versions of my writing sample; one is seventeen pages and the other is fifteen pages. My advisor recommended that I submit the shorter version because the professors will already have a huge amount to read. How do I indicate that I am sending a slightly abridged version of a longer essay? Should I add a note after the bibliography? Should I add a footnote somewhere? What is the protocol for this? The applications do not offer any space for "additional information" or any other place where I could say "My writing sample is an abridged version of a slightly longer essay." (The writing sample is for a foreign literature phd program.)


Thank you!

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The difference between 15 & 17 pages is minimal, and they will probably only be reading enough to get a feel for your writing. If the shorter version makes the sample feel incomplete in any way, then I would suggest that you submit the longer version.

On the other hand, if there was some sort of limit on the size of the sample that you need to submit, I would place a note at the top of the sample stating that this is an abridged version due to size limitations, and include a link to where the full version can be found.


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As long as you get the point across that you can write succint and cogent points, utilize prose and propper grammar, and can get the point across without losing the reader while using valid and credible sources, you'll be fine.

definitely include references

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Agreed with @avflinsch, the difference of two pages is not significant. Yet, noting at the beginning of the essay something like [abridged version]. I submitted an abridged version of my thesis (also from a foreign program), from 150 to 25. In your case, I wouldn't worry. 

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