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Socology as a major and job opportunities - Please help!


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I am interested in graduate programs in Sociology and going to make a decision to attend a program for Spring 2017. I don't have a Bachelors in the field and although I've only taken an Intro to Sociology course, I find it very interesting. I've heard that research methods and social science statistics are pretty tough. I have taken a statistics course before, but it's not related to the social sciences. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations I can do, so that I do well in these courses? Besides putting a lot of time into studying and keeping a focus, what else can I do?

I've also done some research on job opportunities for those with an MA in Sociology. I would be interested in working in a hospital setting or teaching Sociology. I've heard that some universities allow an individual with an MS gain a teaching position, while other universities require a PhD so that they can also conduct research. There are a few other positions I would be interested in, but I'm sure there are several opportunities I'm not familiar with. Does anyone know any specific job positions I could obtain with an MS/MA in Sociology? If anyone already has a Masters in Sociology and are working in the field, what is your job title and what does it require? Let me know!

Finally, a random question for everyone. Does anyone know of any good forums for Sociology (mainly) students? I know the ASA website has one, but I don't want to pay any fees right now. I did a google search for some, but a few don't look valid or decent. Please let me know so I can ask some more crazy questions about Sociology.

Thanks in advance!

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