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Problem with SOP


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Hello, I am new here. I applied to Purdue University's (West Lafayette Campus) Graduate Admission Program (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) for Fall 2017. But I did a severe mistake in my application. In the University's website, it was written that the SOP should be of 300-500 words. I did not notice this and submitted an SOP with 986 words. I emailed the Graduate Admissions  Representative of the ECE Department, asking what I should do now, was there any way to re-upload the SOP with 500 words and she replied the following - 



Your file is already in the bin where Admissions committee will pull files to review after our winter break, just leave your SOP how it is.


It will be fine and we hope to be able to start releasing results from review by mid February.




Can anyone tell will this affect my application? Should I be worried?

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As long as your package was passed along, I don't think this will affect your admission decision at all. Admissions committee won't be counting words. Yours might feel a little longer than the rest, but they read sooo many that I doubt they'll even notice. Good luck!

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50 minutes ago, thegrey said:

they read sooo many that I doubt they'll even notice. 

Oh, you notice when a document is twice as long as required...

That said, OP, if they say it'll be fine, you have to trust that it'll be fine. Nothing that you can do now, so fingers crossed, and good luck! 

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The limit is for the committee's sake, so they won't get flooded with thousand-word essays. It's up to each individual faculty reviewer as far as how they evaluate it. They might do some more skimming but I don't think it'll make the difference between you getting in vs. not.

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