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Chances of Getting into M.S. Stats/Biostats with Meh GRE scores


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I tried to look up schools' websites about GRE score statistics, but they were either really vague or didn't give that info because they "look at the whole package". I tried to look at the Results Surveys, but in a lot of programs I'm interested in, the scores varied WILDLY (for the users that decided to provide their info, of course), so the variability was too high to discern a reliable pattern. So I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on how my GRE scores would look like to an adcom.

160 V (86%)  /  162 Q (82%)  /  6 AWA (99%)

I'm mostly interested in mid-level programs (e.g. OHSU, UT SPH, Oregon State), so nothing like the Ivies or Johns Hopkins. 

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Your GRE scores should be competitive for MS Biostats programs, especially if you are applying to mid-level programs. I am a current applicant and I have been admitted to several top 10 Biostats programs with 163 V/161 Q/5.5 W. 

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