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Keeping a program on the backburner


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So, I just recieved my first acceptance. It's from a Master's program and I definitely like the school, but it's a Plan B because I'd rather go to a PhD program. I'm still waiting to hear back from 8 programs and that might take until April. What should I say to the MA program? Thank them? Just ignore them until I come to my decision? Or what?

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How were you notified? If it's a form letter and doesn't seem to be coming from a person, you can wait until you are ready to make a decision. If a person wrote to you personally about the acceptance, then say thank you and that you will let them know about your decision as soon as you make it.

In your case, you should decline the MA program as soon as you get a PhD offer that you know you will take instead of the MA program (i.e. no need to wait until every single program gets back to you).

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