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Hey guys, I`m absolutely new in this, I will be TA in the lab, but I have no idea what kind of work I will be doing. My major is chem. eng. Do I have to be all the time(when there is a class) in the lab? The thing is I have my own classes to attend, so technically I can`t be in the lab at that time. I wonder how this works.

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I wouldn't fret about it, this isn't their first rodeo. When i TA'd for a lab there were about 6 TAs, we had a weekly meeting to go over the next week's lab. At the outset of the term we got together and divided the sections between us according to what worked for our schedules as individuals. I am pretty sure you wont have to choose between attending class and being in a lab in a working capacity. In our case, i had to be at each lab meeting (or arrange to have it covered) as I was the only instructor in the room. Also you might get tasked with some lecture related chores (e.g. entering grades).
 All these remarks are products of my experience so how they run your stuff will vary, but again don't fret--it will all work out.

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