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GPA - undergrad or masters?


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I am hoping to apply to an SLP program, and already have an M.Ed. I was wondering if graduate programs would want to see the GPA for my masters or for my undergrad. This might sound like a silly question as my most recent schooling would have been my masters, so I would assume that's what they want to see, but everything I read says "undergrad GPA of X.XX"


Thanks :)

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I'm in a social science field, so my experience may not reflect the realities of your field. My undergrad GPA was ok (3.2 overall, ~3.8ish upperclassman). My Master's GPA is a 4.0. I'm currently applying to PhD programs, and aside from one question about why my grades improved, schools have seemed way more interested in my graduate GPA. I suspect that schools that consider undergrad GPA want to see GPA maintenance and/or improvement as much as a high GPA per se. YMMV.

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