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skipping calculus courses affects my graduate admission?


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Hi, I have applied 9 chemistry and chemical engineering programs for Fall 2017, and I am waiting for their decisions.

I am reviewing my application materials, and my transcript reminded me that I skipped calculus courses.

My undergraduate univ. is so liberal that I did not have to take any calculus class, thus I skipped it  because I had already known how to use math in chemistry. 

My GRE (Q170V150) indeed indicates that I am a left brain person:(, and I earned all A's in all physics ,including quantum mechanics, as well as pchem class.

But I am now worrying if those schools will reject me based on lack of calculus training since those courses are mandatory for most chem majors.

My question might sounds silly but I want to know how important taking calculus class is...

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Unlikely that they'll reject you for not taking calculus. If you can finish p-chem, then you should have the necessary math background. Then again, I don't know what kind of math you used in p-chem. I used stuff from calculus 1, calculus 2, linear algebra, multi-variable, and differential equations.

Edit: For chemical engineer, you're more likely to be rejected for skipping certain math courses. They usually have requirements like DEQ 1 and/or 2.

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