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  1. You're already accepted, so there's not really a need for formal attire. IMO formal attire is mostly for interviews. There's also a ton activities planned depending on where you visit. Some places have hiking trips for a good 1-2 hours. Some institutions have grad students take you to bars and stuff. So dress according to what the grad program has planned
  2. It's been abnormally warm in the midwest. If you can't handle this weather, wait till it gets to -30 F.
  3. Let me know when you hear back from boulder. I'm also waiting for a response. And you're probably on a waitlist for umich at this point.
  4. I thought Magoosh was quite helpful. However, the essay portions of their practice exams are not graded because they are not well staffed to handle hundreds of essays. The videos they had were helpful. IMO, most GRE prep stuff are good if you are willing to devote time to study. I just wouldn't recommend paying for those classes.
  5. This is what it, the first screenshot, shows on my "view decision" link. If accepted, the program should have notified you first and then send in a recommendation to Rackham, and there should be a link in your application status page for the rec, as shown in the second screenshot. That's how it's normally done as described on their website.
  6. IMO, it's never too late until you actually hear a decline. You can call them up and ask about a timeline of the admissions process.
  7. I got a few acceptances so far and all of them offered to fly me out to visit. If there is a low chance that I will accept a school'a offer, is it appropriate for me to fly out there?
  8. I was talking about UMich. I know nothing about UWisc.
  9. If you don't hear back really soon, you're likely on the waitlist bc there is 1 week left to sign up for the visit day.
  10. Congrats on your admissions. That was exactly my mentality. Didn't want to get my hopes up, so I kept telling myself that it was okay to be reject because I have a 5-10% chance of receiving an acceptance anyways.
  11. I was about 60% excited and 40% surprised. I really wasn't expecting it especially since I applied to the school for s**ts and giggles.
  12. Happened to me yesterday. Someone wrote that all the acceptances were sent out two weeks ago for the program I am applying to, so I was prepared for a rejection. When I was notified by my acceptance, I could not stop jumping. It was either the person was wrong or I was on top of the waitlist.
  13. That's pretty weird, but at least you have another shot. I mainly wrote that post for people who still haven't received decisions from either schools. Especially since someone wrote two weeks ago that all acceptance for umich were sent out already.
  14. From my experience, if the program you're applying to has their own status checker, it's probably updates in real time. If it is the general tracker, just wait for an email from the department.
  15. FYI CU-Boulder and UMich are still sending out decision letters and will be coming out these next couple of days.
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