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  1. If I knew then what I know now

    I took the GRE in August and then again in October. I was advised not to take the subject GRE and I still got interviews at all but one school I applied to, even though every program said the subject test was strongly recommended. I wrote all my essays in September, had them edited by advisers/PI in October, submitted all my apps in November (they weren't due til December, but I wanted to be done with it). Before you decide to apply to a program, go through and make sure there are at least 3-4 professors you would want to work for, otherwise don't bother applying.
  2. Hi there! I came over from SDN forums. Need advice!

    I don't know anything about applying to dental school, so all my advice will be for applying to chemistry programs. In terms of letters of recommendation, you will need at least three. One of these should obviously be from your PI, and the others should be from professors who know you well and speak to your abilities. Make sure when you ask them for a letter of rec that they feel they can write a strong letter, not just a generic letter. PhD applications are mostly due in December or January, and they typically open in the late summer or early fall. Your GPA is obviously very strong, and the fact that you have a couple years of research experience is also good. The most important aspects that you should focus on are your personal statement and making sure your letters of recommendation are strong.
  3. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I did not like Ohio State OSBP Program. The grad students seemed happy, but I did not like any of my interactions with the faculty. I had concerns about moving to the midwest, but I was willing to consider it due to the amazing research they are doing. The visit did not really inspire me to do that, though.
  4. Someone posted an acceptance to the program I interviewed at on Feb 10th and now my anxiety has skyrocketed
  5. Well here's hoping we both hear by the weekend!
  6. Same...Every time I get an email notification, my heart jumps, and it just ends up being spam. The program I interviewed at Feb 10th told me to expect a decision late February-early March, but at my interview I was told more like 1-2 weeks...I am stressing out
  7. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I have not tried calling, perhaps I will do that. It just seemed weird to me that they have an email specifically for "prospective students", but then they don't respond to prospective students' emails. Well anyway, good luck to you!
  8. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I applied to their biochem program and never heard back. I even emailed them over a month ago inquiring and never got anything back pretty bummed but I knew it was a reach
  9. My first interview was like this - very casual and just talked about their research. My last one, however, the professors had a list of typical job interview questions that they went down and asked me (like what my PI would say I do well, what they would say I don't do well, biggest achievement, biggest mistake, etc.). I have two more so we will see how they compare
  10. I have not been in this situation, but I would reach out to the coordinator first and say that you had corresponded with said faculty member and you would like to meet with him if possible. If she says it's not possible, then I'd email the faculty member.
  11. I am interviewing there in a couple weeks! Care to share anything about the things you talked about?
  12. I was actually able to catch a flight and I am here now! Definitely a high stress day. But thank you for the response!
  13. Supposed to have my first interview this weekend, but flights canceled due to the snow. Really disappointed People who have been in this situation in the past - did you skype interview at your scheduled time? Or interview another time? As far as I know, this is the only scheduled interview weekend for this program (UCSB BMSE)
  14. UW-Madison Biochemistry

    I also applied there and emailed them a few weeks back asking for an update but never got a response. I've given up on them.
  15. Post Interview Acceptance Rates

    Sorry to bug you but did you see the two BMCDB acceptances posted on the results board? Do you know if they are they accepting some students without interviews or was there another weekend that already happened? The only weekend I know of is Feb 27-28 Edit: Sorry I just saw that they are both international students. That explains it