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  1. ambiencr123

    recommended to graduate division

    Can anything go wrong between departmental acceptance and graduate division official notification?
  2. I interviewed at BU Bioinformatics PhD they certainly sent their first batch of acceptance last week, and they run an internal wait-list as to fill the spots
  3. 70ish is correct, both days have 30~40 interviewees. I expect they take 30% from the interview according to the reddit post
  4. any feedback from UCSD BISB program post-interview?
  5. ambiencr123

    UC Irvine MCSB anyone

    never mind, I just got interview invite
  6. ambiencr123

    UC Irvine MCSB anyone

    Has anyone gotten any notifications from this program yet?
  7. ambiencr123

    conflicting interviews, what to do?

    thanks for both replies above, much appreciated!
  8. ambiencr123

    conflicting interviews, what to do?

    I have only two interview invites and they are in same day. School A is my #1 choice but I also don't want to give up on school B yet, what I should do with school B? Should I ask school B for alternative dates?
  9. ambiencr123

    When should I start to panic with no interview invite

    UW genome science rejected. it seems to me that my rejections are never late.....always on time
  10. ambiencr123

    Bioinformatics- Which grad school should I choose?

    Reputation is not as important as hands on project. I would not consider online programs since you will be unable to interact with mentors and join a research project. Whether or not MS Bioinformatics is your terminal degree objective, you will need hands on project. I finished bioinformatics MS in DC area and I can tell you that many of my fellow classmates who did academia research project actually ended up working in industry. Where you do your internship is not as important as what you do in internship. PM me if you have additional questions.
  11. ambiencr123

    When should I start to panic with no interview invite

    rejected from UCSF....
  12. I applied to ~20 top 50 institutions PhD in bioinformatics with okay stats, domestic applicant. I have seen people start to post interview invites in the result section, but I have none so far. Anyone know when do most school send out their majorities of interviews?

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