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East Coast Library Science Programs


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Anyone have an experience with schools in the NJ, NY, CT? I've applied to Rutgers, Pratt Institute, CUNY Queens, Long Island University, and Southern Connecticut State. I'd be happy to be accepted to any of the schools.

For Rutgers, does being from NJ help?

I'm obscenely nervous about being admitted anywhere, I have a strong GPA, lots of internships, good LOR from a top undergraduate university and an overall good resume but my GRE score wasn't as high as I would have liked. Many of the schools didn't require the GRE if your GPA was over a 3.0, so is it not as important as it is for other fields?

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I can't speak as an admitted student but I applied to Pratt and it seems like a wonderful program. I realize it may not be as highly ranked as others but, as its the only accredited program in Manhattan, its also the only school where you can work closely with the NYPL. I think that alone is a great part of the program.

I actually applied early December and they have rolling admissions. I was curious so I called the department and was told that I should hear by post early in February. GRE's didn't seem too important (though I will admit that my scores were high because my first choice programs are English lit. programs) except when it comes to possible scholarships so I wouldn't worry too much about that as long as the rest of your application is strong.

Good luck!

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