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Biophysics Interview - International applicant


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I have being reading this forum for quite awhile now, and have got great information. Still have questions though.

I am from Brazil, majored in Physics and I am applying for Computational Biophysics PhD Programs. I have been invited for interview at WashU - St. Louis. I am attending on campus interview because I really wanted visit the university, which is my top choice... 

I would really appreciate general advice as well as program specific details... I feel kind of lost since is kind of hard to get a sense of what the university expect from me.

I have few research experience, but a major one in a large US university, and have studied 1 year at UIUC as an exchange student.

My main concern is that my career goal is oriented to Brazil, so my research plans relate to 3rd world diseases, which are not exactly been done by professors in WashU... This was very clear in my application, and I manage to create a bridge between current researches in the department and my own interests... I am wondering if I should try to adjust to the university researches a bit more or if I should keep my focus (that was clearly stated in application).


Thank you!  

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