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I am new to this...not even sure I am posting in the right place. Here goes...


I am anxiously wait to hear from three of the four various masters programs I have applied to in religious studies/ journalism (NYU and Columbia) as well as Harvard Divinity for the MTS. I have heard from my St. John's program already and am just wondering if anyone can give me some idea of what to expect from NYU, Columbia and HDS.


My stats are: 

GRE: math and reading is 80th percentile, writing mid 90th (though I honestly can't remember if HDS required the GRE).

GPA: 3.7 overall, 3.9 psych major, 3.9 for my theology major. 

Good letters of rec from both psych Theo (hoping to go to HDS for interreligious  studies/religious education). 

Personal Statement: I have no idea as this could have gone to many ways. I started blocking it out after hitting submit! 


any thoughts or words of wisdom? 


Good of luck to all who are in the same waiting boat! 



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