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I got accepted to one school, should I still apply to more?


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I was recently accepted by the program I had labeled my top choice. I got the assistantship/funding, and the director of the program sent me a personal email and seemed genuinely interested/excited about my entering the program. Yay! I applied to four other schools in the last month as well, and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. However, I had also planned on applying to two more programs on March 1st. I really didn't expect to hear back this early. I'm not sure if I should still go forward with applying to those two programs, or if I should just save the money and wait for the programs I've already applied to. Those two schools aren't exactly my dream schools, so I don't know if it's worth the effort. (Now that I typed all this out, I'm kind of feeling like this is a stupid question, but I'm here and it's done so here goes.)

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Unless your two remaining schools are ones you'd pass up the one you received the acceptance to for, I'd personally save the money and forego them. If the acceptance that you got is for your dream school, then why bother! They could have been safety net schools in case you didn't get your top choice, but you did, so congrats!

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