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Hi guys,


Received two offers from Yale (Computational biology and bioinformatics) and Penn (Genomics and computational biology), I'd like to do research in human genetics and complex diseases using computational/statistical methods.  Still hesitated between these two programs, anybody familiar with the GCB program? Based on my knowledge, many professors under this program are doing wet-labs and professors doing interdisciplinary research are usually assistant prof. 

Could anyone give me any suggestion on the choice between these two programs? Thanks a lot!!!!


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Hi, excited to find you also coming from china.

I also applied GCB program in Upenn, and have an interview with them, but I did not receive their news...sad : (...Could I add your wechat for the further information...?

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Removed my post. Just did not want to sound like giving the program a meh review for all of eternity (because of course it is great, the other one is just better imo).

I hope you have clarity, best of luck!

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